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Corporate social responsability

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

Social and environmental commitments

Inclusion and gender equality

Diversity, inclusion and gender equality are essential aspects for our company. We strongly believe in a work environment in which all differences are celebrated, and all types of discrimination are eliminated

Including different points of view in our decision-making, operations and actions is essential to guarantee added value for Golderos

At Golderos, nationality, cultural origin, language, education, gender, ethnicity, generation, age, work and thinking styles, religious origin, sexual orientation, or disabilities will never be subject to discrimination at work

We are committed to create an environment in which all the Golderos employees feel, and are valued, for who they are

Our management is committed to reinforcing policies that support creating and maintaining a diverse workforce in a discrimination-free inclusive environment

Evidence of Golderos commitment to non-discrimination are the following key facts:

As of December 31st, 2022, Golderos had more than 60% of workers were not born in Spain, including 6 different nationalities and various religious beliefs

Golderos’ commitment to gender equality can also be seen in the large number of women on its staff

The CEO of Golderos is a woman and there are an equal number of men and women in senior management positions

Environmental Responsibility

Golderos has always been in the front line in reduction of the environmental impact of its products by using natural refrigerants and climate-friendly gases

Furthermore, we cool the beer from kegs and beer-tanks which have a lower CO2 footprint

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