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History and

Golderos is the result of the work and effort of many people throughout 50 years

Golderos is the result of the work and effort of those who have contributed to its growth and consolidation over the 40 year life of the company

Our reward is the trust that our customers have placed in us

Opening a cooler repair studio in 1970 marked the birth of the company. To date, many milestones have been achieved, both technological and environmental. As a result of the growth and contribution of the company to the refrigeration sector, in 1998 the School of Beer and Malt acknowledged the studies conducted for years to Don Emilio Golderos Luna, founder of Golderos

During all of the years of activity of the company, research and development of new technologies have been priorities. As a result, we have launched several patents that have contributed to the development of the industrial refrigeration sector. Nowadays, we are still working on optimizing and creating new models of machines and engines, with the aim of creating innovative products tailored to the needs set by the industry

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We work with our clients to design new products and work processes

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Commitment, reliability, innovation and sustainability make us leaders

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